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About me

Hi there! I’m a software engineer by day and a hacker by night. Well, I wish I was at least. I’m currently spending the majority of my time behind a computer screen. Most of my projects are related to red team activities, lock-picking, 3D printing, or development. If you want to know more about me or get in contact, feel free to email me at greenjam94@gmail.com


I started coding while studying at Michigan State University. I was originally a computer science student in the engineering college with a telecommunications cognate (basically a minor). Due to my math GPA getting a little too low between my sophomore and junior years; I had to change my major to media and information. Which is a bachelor of science degree from the college of communication arts and science. My degree focuses on web development and is more relevant to my career than the overarching “computer science” degree. I practically switched my cognate and major around so that I graduated with a media and information degree with a computer science minor (not a cognate).


I did a lot of website related work for class and work. While also being experienced in C++, Java, Python, and a few other languages. I’ve played with hosting websites (like this one) and databases as well. This website will be a blog of my trials of being a developer/hacker/tinkerer. Some of my older posts will show case my major projects and track what I have learned as a hacker. Hopefully it will keep me from making some more of the same mistakes.

My experience at Vertafore has taught me a lot about vulnerability management. I’m learning how software development companies handle security issues and manage risk. Attending monthly Misec meetings allow me to network with other hackers in Michigan and learn about other fields outside of application security. Misec’s latest venue is in Lansing and is also on MSU’s campus! I’m lucky enough to be the coordinator for the new Lansing chapter as well. I do my best to contribute as well as learn all I can from the infosec community.

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