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This site is 75% hacking, 20% development, 5% hardware, and 100% chaos. Originally created as a school assignment in college, with weekly posts about Information Security. Posts were about my inspiration to join the community, what someone brand new to the field would do to get started, and some notes from a couple hacking books.

My blog has since grown into a journal of my latest endeavors while learning about hacking. With posts sprinkled around about development projects, 3D printers, or anything else I find relatable to security or IT. There’s a little bit of something for everyone.

One of my ideas is to focus more on hardware hacking, but it’s hard to start everything at the same time. Most of my hardware related posts are related to the computers I use or my 3D printer. Some day it’ll be more related to actual “hardware hacking”.

I welcome you to read any and all posts that interest you, comment and share as you feel fit. If there is a topic you would like me to post about or update, please contact me.