Step 1: Join the community

When people say “I want to be a Hacker” a lot of people don’t know where to start. Google is a good option but there’s a lot of dead ends, if you try to find “How to hack my friend’s Facebook account” you’re more likely to find a way to get a virus then to actually find a way to get into Facebook.

Step 1 to becoming a Hacker:

Find communities both online and local. Now, Hacker is the buzz word here, but most of the information security professionals have more “proper” names such as: Penetration tester, Incident Responder, or Forensic Analyst.

Find a title a little more specific that you want to become, and you’ll find a more reliable answer. For instance, if you want to break into companies code, then you should look at penetration testing. If you want to do the opposite of that, look at incident response. These will help you find the right group to help you learn.

There are forums, IRC chats, and tutorials online that are very beneficial to learning information security. Finding experienced people willing to help you along the way is also an amazing advantage. It all depends on how you want to learn. There’s a lot of different kinds of communities. Do not be afraid to find a few to find your favorite.

Joining local communities are the fastest and possibly the most fun way to get into hacking. There are hackerspaces, groups, and classes; where you can learn quite a lot. It’s the same group of people, and there is a massive amount of experience pooled between everyone, it’s harder to not learn anything then to learn something. But one of the most important opportunities are the conventions!

Why go to Conventions if you have a community?

There was a convention in Washington DC that covered three tracks: “Build it, Belay it, Bring it on”.  This convention was so popular that their tickets sold out in 5 minutes. Going to conventions is important because it’s a way to meet other people who really know their field. You are learning from the best when you go to conventions like Shmoocon or Defcon.

Why use Greenjam94?

Hello There I’m James, everyone calls me that and its probably the only name I respond to. However my name has one problem. Google it and you’ll find little about me.

That’s where my username came in. Greenjam94 is my alias for anything and everything on the internet from gaming to social media. I’ve used this username since the 8th grade when I first realized my Internet presence would stick with me throughout my life. Click the link and it’ll show you so many links, almost all of which are a part of my digital footprint.

If scrolling through a google search isn’t your thing and you’re still reading. Let me tell you why I started this blog. I spent two years at MSU as a computer science student. This is where my interest in hacking changed from wanting to do what you see in the movies to actual things like penetration testing and password cracking.

Blackhat Movie with Chris Hemsworth


Who’s excited for the next Chris Hemsworth movie coming out Friday January 16th?!? He’s trading in his hammer for a laptop in this up and coming action packed thriller.

Now, granted, anyone who calls themselves a hacker would cringe to call Hemsworth a “black hat hacker”. But there’s one thing I love about movies like this one. It opens your minds to the endless wonders of what hacking can do. (Please note: it’s never as easy as movie magic makes it look)

In fact, a movie like this is what first got me interested in finding a job with computers. Watching people drain billionaires bank accounts in seconds, or controlling the traffic signals to get away.

My favorite hacking movie would be Live Free or Die Hard. I liked the idea of a “fire sale” attack. Remotely controlling utilities, communication, and the stock market. While this isn’t really doable in the real world. It’s fun to think about what really is possible!