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Remodeling lcori.com

If you’ve been following my posts, you’ll know that I do some consulting on the side for some websites. LCORI is the Lake Chemung Outdoor Resort in Howell, Michigan. My grandma has been working on the board for more than a few years. She came to me asking to help fix the navbar on www.lcori.com, and I was happy to help.

After getting into the code, I saw that it was a bit of a mess. There was poor formatting and only basic functionality. So I offered to remake the website, do a little bit of renovation work trying to turn a 1990s, html table based website into a responsive modern design. Sounds easy right? Well it should have been, strip the tables, include some twitter Bootstrap and everything becomes shinny. Even the database connections and php were pretty straight forward.

If you’ve read my post about making the EMU gymnastics club’s website. You know I’ve had some issues with initial design and communication. This project proved to require many more months¬†then expected. The initial redesign took only hours. The HTML was easy. I got caught on the dynamics of the listings page. Little to my knowledge, this was the “most important” part of the site, since it was where resort lots were sold. I ran into many issues with new features, and making old processes easier. Where I thought I was simplifying someone’s work, they struggled with the new process. Gladly though, after a couple meetings with the clients. I was able to straighten things out and make everyone happy.¬†This project was expected to take a month. It ended up taking seven. That’s why I’m relieved to tell everyone the site is finally up to par and the clients are happy!

EMU Gymnastics Club Website

One of my first “professional” website creations. Making the club’s website gave me a solid 4.0 in a college web design class where I reviewed the basics of CSS, Javascript, and HTML5. Fun stuff really.

What I learned by doing this project is how important initial design and communication is. Working with a client (in this case, the “client” is my girlfriend a.k.a club President) means that you can’t just look at the website and think “Good enough, ship it”. It has to meet their requirements first and foremost. A good draft means you should be able to make it once and need only a few updates, which is a lot easier than making thousands of revisions each time your client asks for something different.

That being said, looking back on your work and seeing what can be improved is always worthwhile! When I first hosted the project, the website looked decent. Most of the CSS work was custom and I was using a very robust HTML template. I went back recently and overhauled it, scrapping the files completely and using new frameworks like twitter Bootstrap. The new design is much more responsive and looks cleaner in my opinion. I’m getting more feedback from the club so I think they are more enthusiastic about it.

You can see the difference on my github pages.