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TLS Lightning Talk

Hi everyone, last night I gave a lightning talk at Misec Jackson. It was a quick 15 minute summary of my last blog post on TLS. I summed everything up into 12 slides and threw in some last minute images to make it look better than just bullet points on bullet points.

Other lightning talks from the night

I wasn’t the only talk that night, there was a talk on IPv6 that was pretty insightful. IPv6 is older then windows XP but it’s still not widely used. There’s been a couple hacks and misuse of it’s features already, but I’m sure there’s more to come. Another talk was on “the evil bit“, network packets actually have a bit that can be set if the packet has malicious intent, and any security device should drop those packets immediately. Some website do this, others don’t. A fun idea would be hiding a service by ONLY accepting the inverse of that. The last talk of the night was about RFID tags and stealing card info, the speaker referenced a talk from DefCON 21 (pdf of defcon slides).

My thoughts on my talk

Look! I'm behind the podium!!
Look! I’m finally behind the podium!!

My talk went pretty well, I didn’t have any words on my slides. I had a lot of pictures that I used to replace my talking points and I wrote everything I wanted to talk about. This was my second time giving a presentation for hacking. My first attempt I was talking into a computer the entire night as I did a walk though. I feel like I did a lot better by not putting my words on the screen n reading off the slides, I was able to make more eye contact with the crowd and the words flowed more easily. If I was going to give this talk again, I’d do more research into the technical aspects of TLS MITM attacks, or how TLS is implemented. I had one question from the crowd about how someone would be able to decrypt a ┬ápacket and I went into a MITM description… I feel like I might have misunderstood the question and I want to do more research with that before I present on the topic again. Let me know what you think about my slides, feel free to leave me a comment. The notes at the bottom of the google slides were my talking points, and most of those were summarizing my older blog post.

I’m glad to have a second set of slides under my belt. Now I have “Web hacking with the broken web app project” and “TLS: what is it and why it matters”. My next scheduled talk is on web app testing and will be at Misec Southfield in June. I look forward to giving back to the security community and I’m happy to be gain presentation skills as I learn more about information security.

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